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Montreal this week


magazine mockup of montreal this week, mockup du magazine montreal this week

" O Canada ! Our home and native land ! "

Montreal this week is a weekly publication for tourists to Montreal (a very wide audience). My objective of this project was to design it. It's a very visual guide to the city and it has a Halloween theme because I made it during this period. I created it thanks to Adobe Indesign in its entirety. Constraints were attributed to me, I had to create and imagine 3 different examples of articles, one ad, one list of hotels, severals sidebars and a week events' list. Eventually, this whole process had to be nested around the fundamental rules of print: cutouts, sidebars, pull quotes, credits, teasers, and obviously a nice color harmony :

color harmony of clishare's project; harmonie colorée du projet clishare

HEXA #f06812
RGB R : 240
V : 104
B : 18

HEXA #f9b389
RGB R : 249
V : 179
B : 137

HEXA #616977
RGB R : 97
V : 105
B : 119

HEXA #000000
RGB R : 0
V : 0
B : 0

first picture of the print project, première image du projet print second picture of the print project, deuxième image du projet print third picture of the print project, troisème image du projet print
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